Bully-proofing class

Bully-proof your kids!

How to react when people tease or bully you

Bully-proof class Facebook graphicAre you at your wits’ end about how to help your child deal with harassment? Have you tried all the standard approaches with little long-term success? Then you are ready to help your child learn the easy and effective Golden Rule approach to teasing and bullying!

In this class, you and your kids will:

  • have fun and learn the easy way to handle mean comments;
  • learn the revolutionary (yet time-tested) Golden Rule method;
  • get a powerful tool that can be used at school, work, and home for handling mean comments;
  • learn a game that will have kids jumping to join in, and everyone laughing ’till their sides ache;
  • become more emotionally resilient;
  • become more socially confident;
  • quickly and effectively reduce teasing and bullying before they get out of hand.

Parents and children will enjoy this series of four sessions taught by experienced, licensed therapists. At least one adult must attend class with child(ren). Multiple children from a single family may participate.

Individual sessions also available.

Class schedule:

Class will be offered when there is sufficient interest. This material can also be presented in private sessions. Contact Erran at 360-460-6594 if you are interested.


$100/family (up to 4 people, at least one adult must attend) for the full 4 session class. Additional children $20 each.


Rachel Hardies is a therapist who specializes in working with children.

The teachers of this class (Erran Sharpe and Rachel Hardies, LMHCs) have used the Golden Rule approach with clients and with their own families. Because it is so successful, they are eager to share it with more families in the community. Register now for this valuable class, and help your kids start the school year with great tools for success!

Erran Sharpe, trauma therapist in Port Angeles, WA

Erran Sharpe is a therapist who specializes in helping people heal from traumatic events. He is shown here in the garden outside his private office in Port Angeles.

More information about the Golden Rule approach:

The Golden Rule approach is a simple way to take the wind out of the sails of bullies and teasers. It gets you out of the position of being the victim, and puts you in the more powerful position — without escalating the conflict. You end up with strong self-esteem, and with the respect of the would-be bully.

Anti-bullying programs that rely on turning to authorities (teachers, parents, etc.) for assistance can be ineffective at best. Even worse, they often foster greater bullying in the long run. The Golden Rule approach was developed by Israel Kalman, a school counselor. He has taught thousands of children and adults to use this easy approach, with great success.