“The purpose of emotions is to bring about movement to restore equilibrium.” – Charles Darwin.

When you injure yourself, you feel pain—it’s your body’s way of calling your attention to a problem. The same goes for emotional injury: when something goes wrong in your life, you can feel depressed, irritable or anxious until you move effectively to restore equilibrium. This may mean moving your feet to a therapist’s office!

Our emotions come and go. But when unpleasant feelings stick around long after a troublesome event is over, they are a clue that something still needs to be resolved. If left untreated these issues can create problems for your relationships, professional success, and overall wellbeing.

If your unresolved past is getting in the way of the life you always wanted, therapy can help. I work with individuals, couples and groups to clean up the pain, negative assumptions and habits, and clear a path towards a more harmonious present and future. Contact me if:

  • You have anxiety, irritability, depression, or general lack of energy and motivation.  You want to recover your passion and drive in life, find the excitement again.
  • You want to have less fear and more trust. You want to become comfortable in your own skin.
  • You want to find the “middle path,” being emotionally connected (to yourself and loved ones) and yet rational too.
  • You want to resolve issues of grief and loss.
  • Your current relationship is falling apart. You’re arguing constantly, and can’t seem to see eye-to-eye on anything.
  • You want to resolve disagreements with your partner, not just give up and sweep them under the rug.
  • You want to build a strong marriage where you can count on each other, and not be caught up in distractions like affairs, drugs, alcohol, or other obsessions.
  • You want to be able to be yourself, and stay connected to loved ones; not feel like you have to be a “people pleaser.”

I address your needs in-session and with assignments you can do throughout the week. Through resource-strengthening, awareness-building, emotional connection, storytelling, and mindfulness activities, you can resolve insecurity and attachment issues—and discover skills that have been waiting to develop. If you are ready to begin the life you always imagined for yourself, contact me today.

Your situation is unique. I will listen and ask you questions so I can understand precisely what your needs are and where they come from. Then we will move towards finding out what you can do to meet your therapy goals.

I specialize in:

  • Trauma recovery for individuals.
  • Couples counseling.
  • Adults, adolescents 16 and older.
  • Groups:
    • Mind Training. Mindfulness skills (from Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to help steady your emotions, get you through tough times, and improve communication.
    • Relationship Enhancement for couples (married or not, straight or gay). A small group of couples, learning about the habits that are harmful for relationships, and practicing replacing them with positive ways of relating. This will help you build and rebuild the love in your relationship.
    • Grief and Loss. We need to connect with others to help us grieve our losses. This group facilitates healthy grief process, and touches our appreciation of how precious life really is. Grief, handled well, is a rejuvenating and uplifting process. This group meets for 8 weeks, and uses structured exercises to focus and guide you productively through grief.

My rates:

  • Individual sessions, Initial visit (90 min.) $140; Ongoing (50 min.) $110.
  • Couples sessions, Initial visit (2 hrs.) $160; Ongoing (50 min.) $125.
  • Group session, Ongoing attendance (2 hrs.) $40.
  • Missed appointment fee (less than 24 hrs. notice, except in emergency) $50.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • I take many insurance plans. For companies that I am an out of network provider with payment in full is due at the time of service, and you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. However, with Medicaid (ProviderOne, AppleHealth) coverage, no payment is required because Medicaid covers all costs.
  • I can provide services at a sliding scale on a limited basis. If you are called to work with me, but cannot afford regular rates, please contact me and we can discuss your options.