Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing to connect with the guidance and power of the spirit world.

Gold Couple practicing a shamanic healing journey.

Ancient shamanic art shows people journeying to the spirit world.

Your spiritual energies need to be in their right homes. Part of your soul or your power may have left you; it needs to return. Other people’s energy might be hanging around you; you need to be shed of it. We function better when our spiritual energies are set to right. This is the realm of shamanic healing.

Maybe you have already had other-worldly experiences but don’t know how to work with them. Maybe you hesitate to speak about them because people will say you’re crazy. I know that these experiences are real and valuable. I know how to work safely with the spirit world. This can be your doorway in to powerful transformational work.

Shamanism has probably existed in all human cultures of all time. Shamanic healing practices are just as important today as they were thousands of years ago. Shamanism is not the exclusive right of any ethnic group, and it is not about copying the practices of other people. Every human being has the ability and the birthright to connect to spiritual forces and to learn to understand them and get guidance from them.

I offer:

  • Workshops to learn drum journeying skills. This is an easy, safe way to connect with the spirit world and your power animals. Once connected to your power animals, you become more empowered (surprise, surprise!) and radiant.
  • Workshops focusing on a specific transformational process. These can help you move forward when you are stuck in life.
  • Retrieval of lost soul parts and power animals to restore you to wholeness. All of your soul must be present in your body so you can live a full and satisfying life. When we get overwhelmed by powerful people or events, part of our soul can leave us. We end up feeling dispirited, empty, incomplete. Fortunately, the techniques of soul retrieval are available to restore us. This is one of the most important of shamanic healing techniques. It works well with therapy where you build your emotional strength so you can hold onto the soul part after it has returned to you.
  • Extraction and purification. A splinter in your foot needs to be removed so that you can walk freely and comfortably. In the same way, other people’s beliefs and spiritual illness that have invaded your body and mind need to be removed. Then you can live, breathe and think freely and comfortably.

Contact me to discuss shamanic healing options for you, or to make an appointment.