Are you living your life on your own terms? Are you the person you’d like to be? You can work with a therapist in Port Angeles to help.

You know the kind of person or partner you want to be—and in your mind, the path appears before you: simple, clear, logical. Yet the more you try to change, the more familiar roadblocks and potholes appear to bar your way.

My brand of therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy to elicit spiritual growth and lasting change. Through mindfulness exercises, visualization methods, relationship skills practice, and storytelling work you process old issues so that they no longer stand in your way.  You can cleanse the past, find peace with yourself or your partner, and discover a fulfilling, meaningful present.

Working together we can help you

  • Better understand and improve your relationships
  • Remove blocks to creative self expression
  • Resolve the roots of anger and become more peaceful
  • Build inner strength and better coping abilities
  • If you are ready to become your best self today and every day, contact me to make your first appointment; or schedule a free 15 minute phone call to determine whether I am a good fit for you. I am a therapist in Port Angeles, WA, serving clients on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Erran accepted me as a whole person… He is unconventional, outside of typical psycho-babble. He puts out such a calm, accepting energy that it’s easy to be comfortable with him. I’m a lot happier, a lot calmer now. My anxiety is lower, I’m a lot more confident. I’m not having to take any anxiety meds anymore. I went to the 4th of July and wasn’t anxious at all being around lots of people.”

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