Some of my successful clients describe their therapy experience:

“Since 2003 when I first started therapy, I couldn’t quite see the point, because it wasn’t doing anything. Then I ended up in Erran’s group, and I connected with him. He gave me tools that no one ever knew that I needed. I’ve done a lot of growing up, by leaps and bounds.”

“Erran got me to realize what panic attacks are and how to stop them. And to realize that I have inner strength in me, I’m not a weakling. And for the first time in years I’m not afraid anymore. He’s a fantastic therapist.”

“My life was hell. I had low self-esteem, and was suicidal. Some of my best counseling has come from Erran. It was much different from cognitive behavioral therapy. What we did is like going back in time and conquering what was paralyzing me. As a result I am a lot less suicidal, I feel a lot better about myself and my outlook on life is a lot more optimistic.”

“Ever since I was abducted I was nervous, edgy, really sensitive. When I went out, I just wanted to come back home safe. I couldn’t sleep without taking Ambien. When I’d go to the gynecologist I was always passing out and they had to bring me back to consciousness with smelling salts. Erran knew how to help me find myself within. He listened so carefully and found an individual way. I had the best visit to the gynecologist ever; this time I wasn’t scared. Now I’ve been sleeping like a rock… I do have a lot of anxiety, but I feel really good about myself. I can joke now too.”

“When I came here I was scared for my own life. The depression was so consuming I wanted instant relief. I wanted to be a normal person. I had a couple different plans laid out on how I was going to kill myself. I was so withdrawn, I didn’t want to reach out, didn’t want people in my life because of fear of abandonment. Erran could relate to me mentally. I saw (other) counselors, none of them could figure out what to do. That little (biofeedback) machine he had me use … I can just think about that and calm down.” “My life has turned a 180 completely since we first sat down together. Look at me now; I’m excited about this church thing.” “Some of the things I shared with Erran I’ve never said to another living soul. He made me comfortable enough to share those things.”

“My wife is a completely different person just from those few sessions we had.” “(Now I have) the ability to walk away from an argument and recognize when my anger is about to flare up.” “I didn’t think our relationship was going to last, and now we’re married. I never would have been the kind of person anyone would want to marry.”

“Erran gave me the courage to rebuild the relationship with my son. I have a granddaughter in my life now.” “Getting involved with church, I could never be in groups.” “I would never have taken the leap two years ago to get my son involved in football.” “I have relationships with people now.”

“When I started seeing Erran as my therapist I was quite discouraged after having gone through a series of marginally effective therapists and therapies. The symptoms of my PTSD and Bipolar disorders were not abated; if anything I think they may have gotten worse. The nightmares, the discouragement I felt in facing life as well as the difficulties of staying clean seemed to be inevitable and untreatable.” “After years of involvement with Erran, going through a series of different stages I found that my life had evolved to an entirely different level. The nightmares abated, my outlook on the challenges I face on a daily basis had became far more positive, I found recovery to be possible on a long term basis and I developed the outlook of gratitude for the many blessings of my life, rather than fixating on the small things that were absent. I think the single most important thing Erran ever told me was, ‘Forgiveness means abandoning the hope for a better past.’”

“Everything is better in my life. I was close to suicide, saying ‘I’ve had enough trauma and I’m done.’ Now I’m feeling better, interacting more, not just sticking to my couch. I’m feeling the freedom and the benefits of prayer and meditation and talk therapy.” “(What was helpful was) being able to talk, and listen to Erran’s advice. Having a safe place to vent. Role playing (to practice new skills).

“When I first came here I was going through a lot of really bad headaches, I was distraught, not accomplishing anything and I felt like I was never going to accomplish anything in my life. I was totally unglued. I felt like I was really blessed to be paired with Erran. I saw the subtle indications that he was open to different things. He isn’t a typical psychologist. …we did a journey and things began to open up in me. The headaches have dissipated.”  “I’m doing something, it’s my time, just get out of my way and let me accomplish something!”

“One of my favorite things about coming here has been the advice… How aware I became, what I didn’t see before. But just having someone to talk to in privacy, things that I never would have thought that I wanted to talk about, I had them buried so deep, I brought them up and I’m a way better person.” “I did it because I felt hopeless, and I was scared out of my mind, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was afraid of reality. Then I started to come, and talk about those things, and it slowly but surely became easier because I felt comfortable, and I didn’t feel the judgment that I thought I was feeling outside of here, thinking that everybody is going to judge me. I don’t feel that way anymore. And it’s nice to have become a confident person. I can honestly say that I am happy with the person that I am.” “I feel much lighter.”